About Us

 Smk African Foods is an African & Caribbean Food/Provisions store based in Kitchener, Canada. We are family run and we care about our customers. We sell healthy, hygienic and quality food items and even beauty (body & hair) products. We do our best to ensure that our products meet high nutritional and cultivation standards, free from hormones and other non-organic additives.

From our own experience and that of people around us, we discovered that it was very stressful to shop for all the Nigerian/ African food items that we needed to make our meals. Due to our busy lifestyle, we did not have the luxury of trying so many shops; one for goat meat rich in iron, another one for pepper and fresh vegetables rich in vitamin and minerals, another one for garri or any of the different choices of flour (pounded yam, elubo, wheat flour, semo, longrice flour etc.) rich in cabohydrate and yet another one for snails or smoked fish. Every shopping experience wasn't looked forward to.

We discovered that the need for a store who could house these products, keep them fresh/hygienic and sell at the right quality, standard and affordable price. This was the birth of SMK...

Shop with SMK. Your orders can be delivered at your doorstep. We also offer catering services for all occasions with the menu of your choice.

Smk African Foods inc. is uniquely located located near the Kitchener Farmer Market. Drop by sometime. We look forward to serving you.