In addition to our inventory of African & Caribbean foods, we also offer the following services:

Catering Services

We offer our catering services with style and professionalism. With the menu of your choice specified, we cater for all occasions. From corporate meetings to holiday picnics, birthdays, weddings, thanksgivings and all kinds of parties.

Beauty Products

We belive that the way to a beautifully maintained body is to give the body plenty of care and love. Hygiene is more than simply being clean. We sell quality hair products, expression body cream/soap and more...


We are dedicated to providing international shipping /cargo services at affordable rates. Our standard sea freight packages are configured for various kinds of goods. Our cargo services are also fast, reliable and tailored to suit your budget.

Financial Agencies

International Money Transfer: Send money to your family around the world on time and at the lowest rates available.
Oye & Raza Calling Cards and Top-up: Save on international phone rates to call anywhere in the world.